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Political images of the American Desi Diaspora. From political posters, to album covers, to t-shirts, to graffiti to stencils to concert posters, to conference posters - I will try to tumble images all things politically Desi. Contributions welcome!


“Love the blog- wanted to send you this video

One of the catchiest songs ever!

In Tamil, this song means ‘Black is my favorite color’. The woman is
singing it to her dark-skinned lover. The lyrics are fun, cute and

Would love to see the day when a fair skinned man sings it to his dark
skinned girlfriend, but oh well, one step at a time. ;)”

Submitted by Madhuri

(Subtitles on the video are slightly messed up, but the general idea is still communicated)

Via the latest brown Tumblr craze by one the most kind hearted people IRL friend I’ve built w/ over the years. Check out Dark, Lovely and South Asian.